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Beyond the Basics: Zeritaz's Approach to Tailored Financial Insight


“For the longest time my co-founder and I felt that our financials didn’t align with our financial model & budget. It sort of seemed like that disjointedness limited how much insight we could glean from our accounting. Thankfully, our Zeritaz team members immediately saw the same issue and were quick to suggest a way to optimize our Chart of Accounts so that our financials would better represent the way we view our business! They really just ran with the whole process and owned the final product.”

- Co-Founder, COO

Company Info

Industry: SaaS

Revenue: ~$500k/annum

Other: Rapidly growing at ~27%/MoM, VC-Funded

Overview & Situation

At the beginning of this engagement, the client was using the Chart of Accounts they had been gradually building since their beginning. However, a lot had changed by the time we started working with them. They now had VC capital, financial models, budgets, more employees, more intricacy in their business model, and a lot more growth. The pace of their business was quickly outgrowing the existing structure of their financials.


To effectively manage all these new dynamics of their business, they needed a more robust and granular Chart of Accounts. We suggested a new structure that would allow far more insight into their operations, closely matched their existing financial model, and created space for them to grow into. That last part is very critical, because you don’t want to have to restructure your Chart of Accounts again in 18 months due to outgrowing it.


After our restructuring, the financials were in a format that accurately reflected the way the leadership team thinks about the business. They can now more effectively manage their operations, compare budget to actuals, track the profitability of different business verticals, and monitor any areas of concern. We created a structure they can build on all the way through Series C and beyond!

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