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Our Services

At Zeritaz Advisors, we provide a range of services to help businesses manage their financial health. We specialize in “full-stack” finance & accounting services as well as audit consultation and M&A advisory.

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Fractional CFO Collaboration

As CFO’s, our job is to live 12 months in the future. At Zeritaz Advisors, we specialize in building finance & accounting functions that allow leadership teams to do exactly that. We create a solid foundation by standardizing accounting practices, streamlining the month-end close process, and establishing crucial controls. With our foundation in place, we then harness the power of business intelligence & data infrastructures to create robust financial management tools. Ultimately, these tools help leadership teams understand the “what if’s” any “why’s” of their business and chart a path to success.

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As Controllers, our role is firmly rooted in the present, ensuring financial accuracy and integrity at every step. We meticulously oversee the accuracy and completeness of reporting, crafting financial statements that provide a true snapshot of your organization's health. Our unwavering commitment extends to implementing internal controls that safeguard your assets and encourage compliance with GAAP or IFRS standards. We delve into your tech stack, evaluating tools and systems that enhance efficiency and precision. Our focus on process improvement refines operations, optimizing data flows and financial insights. As adept team managers, we orchestrate collaboration, ensuring a cohesive and efficient financial function that drives your business forward.


Managed Accounting

As Accountants, we operate in the past, where precision and diligence shape the foundation of financial accuracy. We excel in transaction categorization, the execution of the month-end close process, and reconciliations, all combining to create comprehensive financial records. We manage accounts payable and accounts receivable seamlessly, which contributes to smooth cash flow management. With our dedication to creating a robust data foundation, we pave the way for in-depth analysis and insights that provide a clear understanding of your financial history.

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Consultancy & Audit

At Zeritaz Advisors, we're committed to helping businesses grow and succeed, however we can. Our primary services are offered as recurring engagements, typically spanning years. However, if you already have a team and just need some additional perspective regarding your financial operations, we offer limited scopes for ad-hoc audits and consultation. Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to guide you through every stage of the growth process and we would be happy to help you along the way.

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Buy-Side Advisory

Our primary goal in buy-side engagements is to identify, diligence, and acquire a target that aligns with our buyer's strategic goals. Deploying capital requires rigorous strategizing; we help you develop a plan for success.

  • Strategic Planning​

  • Target Identification

  • Valuation 

  • Due Diligence

  • Risk Assessment

  • Deal Structuring

  • Financing Assistance

  • Integration Planning

  • Closing The Deal

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Sell-Side Advisory

Our primary goal in sell-side engagements is to maximize the value of the business and facilitate a successful transaction. We prepare our clients for the trials of the sale process and are right there with them, every step of the way.

  • ​Enterprise Valuation 

  • Marketing Materials (CIMs)

  • Buyer Identification

  • Confidentiality Management

  • Due Diligence Management

  • Deal Structuring

  • Deal Tactics & Negotiation

  • Closing The Deal

M&A Advisory

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