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Strategic Synergy: Aligning Code, Cash & Priorities with Zeritaz


“Zeritaz really showed up in a big way when we needed them most. As first-time founders, my co-founder and I really appreciated having someone in the room who has seen our challenges before and could bring another perspective to figuring them out. With their guidance, we made proactive decisions that helped set us up for success!”

- Co-Founder, CEO

Company Info

Industry: SaaS

Revenue: ~150k/annum

Other: Early Product Stages, VC-Funded

Overview & Situation

As with any CFO Collaboration engagement, our Zeritaz team was fully aware of every important aspect of this client’s business. We were managing their financials, aware of their software development plans, and in tune with their sales forecasting and PMF discovery efforts. With all of this within our view, we became concerned at a point when cash burn started outpacing what seemed necessary for their development at the time. It seemed like everyone needed to align on the organization’s top priorities and restructure their cash allocation accordingly.


Our Zeritaz members called for a 2-day strategy session with client leadership to discuss strategy and the organization’s priorities for the coming quarters. Our objective was to search for a resource allocation combination that allowed for continued growth in critical areas, but also reduced cash burn and extended runway to a safe level. Through the lens of financial impact, we were able to serve as a neutral third party to help the cofounders align on a mutually agreeable plan with definitive performance goals and contingency plans for the foreseeable future.


As a result of the strategy session, decisions were made that extended the clients runway by 6+ months, we had a fully balanced strategic plan for the next 3 quarters, and we had solid contingency plans in place in case things didn’t go to plan. Because when do things ever go perfectly according to plan!

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